Brittany (morbidhigh) wrote in wingdom,

It's been forever since I posted!!

Hey all! It's been like a million years since I last posted.. but I've been keeping myself busy with 2 jobs and trying to make time to still make wings!
I just thought I'd post a couple older pics.. So far, I've got two brand new pair, and one is still in progress -- but my camera-computer connection is temporarily down!!! (My dad tried to fix my computer, and now he's "fixed" my computer... and I still haven't figured it out!!)
So, these are some older pairs that are still available if anyone's interested.. but I have an earth-y set, a fire-y set, and in progress is a blue with black lace butterfly set, and I will get pics up soon!!
Let me know what you guys think.. I miss lj so much!! I've been such a myspace junkie lol!!

Ocean wings

Spring wings

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