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Wingdom Wing Community

Wing Community
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Wingdom is a community where all wing lovers can come together and share their pictures, creations, ideas, and questions on wing construction. Also, costume and cosplay construction discussions are welcomed, like patterns, dresses, and wigs!

This is an open community where anything goes, as long as it's in good taste ^_^

Community Rules
1. The most important rule: Please be respectful of others. Rudeness will result in warnings. This is a friendly community and it's intended to stay that way.

2. No off-topic posts. Please keep it community related - wings, costumes, and so on.

3. Pictures are welcome, in fact, very much encouraged, but keep them appropriate (no gratuitous nudity please)

4. Advertising for websites, auctions, selling items, etc. are allowed, but don't overdo it.

Have fun and enjoy!