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New stuff from Sidhe Designs :)

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Hi all!

First, I would like to say that I do still have some

Spring Wings:
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WAS: $125
NOW: $85 a savings of $40!

Matching Headpiece:
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WAS: $35
NOW: $20 a savings of $15! But, if you buy the set, I'll call it an even $90!

Small Black and Red Wings:
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These are made from the black organza, accented with black and red feathers. They've also been accented with Swarovski crystal beads to catch some extra sparkle!

WAS: $80
NOW: $50 a savings of $30!

Large Black, Red and Gold Wings:
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This pair was actually just an experiment of trial and error to see what might happen if I did different things. They are made from a black organza fabric and trimmed with black feathers, with red accent feathers. The inner wings are black satin painted with a brilliant, irridescent gold glitter. Sprouting from the top and bottom are very large red and black feathers (I forget the type actually!!). They have black ribbon for straps (not shown) that tie over the shoulders.

WAS: $100
NOW: $65 a savings of $35!

Butterfly Wings:
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I designed a more simple style for a 3-year old, but plans fell through for these wings. If anyone is interested in them, let me know. I could be tempted to dress them up a bit more if you think they're too simple :)

WAS: $60
NOW: $15 a savings of $45!

Small Peacock Wings:
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These are made from a sheer green fabric and decorated with genuine peacock feathers and accented with multi-colored beads.

WAS: $70
NOW: $30 a savings of $40!

And, I've made another pair, for any of you who are interested in aquatic elements :) No, they're not the purple and gold ones -- yet! This was a calling to make these wings and I couldn't ignore it! Have a and tell me what you think!!

Ocean Wings:
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These are made from a sheer blue fabric that has been delicately painted with gold and different shades of blues. Wraphia was used to wrap the wire construct to add the color gradient, rather than just painting it. There are nearly 100 Swarovski crystals embellished into the designs, and real seashells and starfish accented in the center. Sparkling gold mesh is accented in fin-like shapes. Satin blue ribbon is used as straps to tie over the shoulders.

My asking price: $125

Matching Headpiece:
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The construction is actually wire, wrapped in floral tape, wrapped in wraphia. There aren't any sharp edges to be found, and the piece is surprisingly light-weight for all the accents attached to it! The side shells are real oyster shells, accented with a tiny starfish, pearl spray, and Swarovski crystals. The coral is faux -- I made it out of Model Magic, actually, so it adds virtually no weight but looks like real coral from a distance! Gold mesh is added to give more of a look of scales possibly forming along the hairline and down to the middle of the forehead, and in the center hangs more Swarovski crystals. The mesh is accented with crystals and pearls.

My asking price: $45

If you buy the set, I am willing to cut a deal :) Just email me!

Also, check out this custom pair I made for a bride-to-be! :)
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Also, I want to announce that I've decided to expand a bit beyond wings. I want to test other waters and have a little faerie fun with artistic experiments -- and of course I'll need judgement on my work! :)

Shadow Box Scenery:
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This was definitely an experiment. I had the idea for it, but I have never done anything like this, so I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out. The piece is constructed inside an 8x10 shadow box consisting of all sorts of exotic dried flowers. I hand-sculpted the faeries and dragon out of paper clay and painted them. Their wings are irridescent celophane :) If you're interested in having it, just contact me.

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I got all excited to see your shadow box but the image is down! :(

In my head it looks really cool.. you'll have to prove me right or wrong. :)

Continue making sweet art... I will buy some for my room :) <3
Awww!! hola chika ^.^
hmm... I wonder why the image was down? It's working now.. maybe there was a glitch?? *suspicious* Faerie mischeif.. ;)

You'd better not buy stuff from me!! Tell ya what, if that's what you want is artwork from me, then voila -- b-day/yule present for ya!! <3
Hehe, yay! I think I'd like *anything* you made, artwork, wearable work, usable work, or no! It'd just be neat to have something to be like, "My heart-sister made this for me." :) <3